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September 21, 2012

It’s been two weeks since my last blog, with the main reason for this big gap being down to how much work I have been doing!

Since my last post, I have done several reporting exams, developed a far greater knowledge of media law and public affairs, and also been able to write sentences in shorthand fairly quickly.

I have even improved slightly at pool, having won the occasional match over the last fortnight. The daily trip to Asda before spending much of the lunch break retrieving lost pool balls from various parts of the inside of the table has become something of a ritual, and the stakes have now been raised with the introduction of a league, as well as the promise of a website.

Of everything I have done on the course so far though, shorthand has been the greatest challenge. This was made clear to me a few days ago when I was practicing it on the train and someone asked me “is that even English”, which shows just how difficult it is when you first look at it.

Thankfully, having now worked through nine of the 20 units (including several strange sentences) in the shorthand exercise book, most of the outlines now make sense.

Trying to find news stories from my local area has also been an interesting experience.

I am in Hollingbury all week apart from Friday afternoon, so keeping up-to-date with what is going in Seaford did prove to be a challenge initially.

However, I now have several ideas in the pipeline and hope to have my first story on my community patch page on The Argus early week.

The 5.30am starts every day are becoming easier and the morning train journey is giving me a good opportunity to practice shorthand, or to have a five or ten-minute power nap before the day really starts.

Next week we are heading out into Brighton to write a review of an event taking place in the city, which will be another interesting challenge.

I am working harder than I have ever done before on this course, but I am loving every minute of it!


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